Queenie Exposes Dowey’s New Alleged Side Chick – Watch Video

In the latest episode of the ongoing marital drama between social media personality and entertainer Queenie and her husband, Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett, the Double Tap singer has exposed Dowey’s new alleged side chick.

Since tying the knot in March 2021, Queenie, born Janese Espeut, and Dowey have shared the many ups and downs of their tumultuous relationship, including Dowey’s affair, with their followers on social media. In a recent live stream, Queenie shared that she confronted Dowey about his relationship with a woman named Simone.


According to Queenie, Dowey admitted that he had propositioned Simone, but she expressed that she was not interested. Queenie found the pair’s correspondence through direct messaging suspicious, later confronting Simone, whom she said disrespected her.

Queenie played voice notes of her and Simone’s argument, noting that her husband loved the disgrace. On the voice notes, the women traded insults and expletives, with Simone criticising Queenie’s children.

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Queenie alleged that Simone was a shoplifter and accused her of sleeping with her mother’s man. The One Man To Mi Goodie singer went on to describe D0wey as a scumbag who could not be tamed and desired to sleep around with other women.

Watch the video below.

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