Queenie Says A’mari Spit in Her Face and Accuses Her of Abusing Her Daughter – Watch Video

Thursday, December 29, 2022, 11:48 AM

Fresh off of her victory clash at Sting, Queenie addressed her clash rival, A’mari, her behaviour during the event, and accused the singer of abusing her daughter Destiny. 

In a recent Livestream, Queenie gave a shout out the organizers of Sting and even her challenger A’mari but said that while she had humoured her behaviour during the clash, she was rude and disrespectful. Queenie questioned why A’mari chose to “exalt” herself at Sting when she was no match for her, and the social media star reiterated that she did not go to the stage show for a battle but to showcase her talent and perform for her fans.


Queenie said that prior to the event, A’mari had made lofty promises that she would lay waste to her lyrically during the clash but instead initiated an altercation and spat in her face. According to Queenie, it was not a clash but an attack, and she did not get to showcase her vocals. She warned A’mari that what was fun to her was death to the Double Tap entertainer, and though she jokingly dismissed the altercation, the Neko singer was no match for her in a fight.

“A’mari yah bad gyal? you’s not a bad gyal caw mi wi just sweep weh yuh foot gyal. Me a country bl**dc***t gyal,” Queenie stated 

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Queen Ladi Gangsta went on to suggest that A’mari’s daughter, Destiny, may be going through mental, physical, and spiritual abuse and referenced a recent video during which A’mari allegedly verbally attacked the 19-year-old. Queenie stated that she now understands why A’mari had spoken out against her now-deceased daughter Rochelle because she treats her daughter similarly. Queenie pushed all of A’mari’s fans to get help for the Dutty Bungle singer and her daughter, as they both need it.

Watch the video below:

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