Queenie Gives Details on Latest Drama Between Herself and Dowey, “Mi ago Divorce!” – Watch Video

In a turn of events, social media personality known as Queenie took to social media to share harrowing details of incidents that turned physical between her and her husband, Dowey. In a live broadcast, she joined Richie Feelings to shed light on the alleged discrimination she had endured in her marriage.

Queenie told Feelings that she is ready to confront her husband in a musical clash. She stated that her husband sang a song insulting her hence she decided to retaliate with her musical response, sparking a wife versus husband clash. Richie Feelings asked the “Double Tap” singer if it was a planned and coordinated thing.


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Queenie expressed that it was not premeditated, adding that she hadn’t seen her husband for 13 days. She recounted seeing him being escorted away from her by eight men at an event in Cockburn Pen recently.

In addition, the “Queen” voiced her frustrations about her husband’s refusal to reciprocate her creative efforts. She shared that he had rejected her requests, sarcastically citing her age, appearance, and demeanour as reasons for his reluctance to collaborate. Queenie lamented the deterioration of their two-and-a-half-year marriage and the emotional toll it had taken on her.

The singer didn’t shy away from discussing intimate aspects of their relationship, including allegations of infidelity and a lack of support from her husband. She told Feelings that many girls have shared online that Dowey has performed oral sex on them, asserting that as a wife, she has the right to say he has done it to her as well.


Queen’s grievances extended to her husband’s alleged carelessness and insensitivity, with claims of verbal and physical abuse surfacing. She disclosed a painful incident where her husband had “thumped” her in the face, sending her to the hospital. She confessed to keeping the truth hidden to protect him but finally felt compelled to speak out.

Tears welled in Queenie’s eyes as she recounted another disturbing incident involving a scuffle in a car, during which she stated her husband draped and shook her, causing damage underneath her chin. She added that she resorted to self-defence by scratching his neck and stabbing him with a pink scissors.

Queenie announced her intention to divorce her husband, citing his lack of remorse, infidelity, and emotional neglect as the driving factors behind her decision.

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