Queenie Booed And Clapped Off Sting’s Stage, Less Than 3 Minutes Into Performance – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 27, 2023, 8:51 PM

Social media sensation and dancehall artiste Queenie aka Queen Ladi Gangsta, received a rude awakening during her set at Sting 2023, as the event marked its 40th year in existence. The 53-year-old was announced as a late addition to the lineup, just days before the start of the event.

After receiving a warm welcome on the stage from patrons, Queenie graced the stage with a lot of energy, acrobatics and enthusiasm to please her fans. She started her set with a rather spiritual-like message by giving praises to Jesus for her blessings via her song, to which she received a relatively positive reaction from the crowd in attendance.

Queenie Set For Sting Performance "MI GLAD YOU C"

Queenie got an even better reaction from the crowd when she initially started to sing her song Double Tap, however, those were the only positive moments for the female entertainer on the night as the crowd energy level dropped and the decibel levels diminished.

Moments after, clapping can be heard coming from the crowd with a mixture of boos, a patron at the event also instructed the other patrons to clap her off the stage as the clapping increased.

One of the hosts of the event saw what was transpiring and tried to rescue Queenie’s performance by trying to encourage the crowd by repeating, “Queenie, Queenie, Quennie,” which proved futile as the crowd seemed uninterested.

The performance lasted less than three minutes before it was interrupted by displeasure from patrons.

See the video below:

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