R. Kelly begging to Be Released from Jail amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Saturday, May 2, 2020, 2:44 PM GMT-5

R. Kelly has no dignity, as he is pleading with the judge to let him out of jail, but his reason for requesting his release this time is based on claims that he has proof that he’s vulnerable to the novel corona virus.  

It is alleged that his lawyer filed documents, asking the judge to release his client pending his trial and claimed that his medical tests since March shows that it is likely that he is diabetic, the Bureau of Prisons failed to disclose Kelly’s medical tests from March however it is possible that he is diabetic


Added to that Kelly’s attorney claimed the entertainer has high cholesterol and high blood pressure in written documents that he submitted. This has further put him in a vulnerable position and he has fears of contracting the novel coronavirus while he is locked up at MCC Chicago.

However, the judge has not yet decided on whether Kelly will be released or not. During Kelly’s attempts to get out of jail, he didn’t get through, the first time he tried, the judge denied him saying, he is a flight risk, among other things. When his legal team made the second attempt, the judge turned them down.

The judge was concerned that Kelly might try to intimidate witnesses if he is allowed to leave jail. Kelly addressed that concern in new documents, and referred to a former girlfriend who usually pay him visits regularly in jail and correspond with him. He also says during all these visits he was fully aware that she was a victim in his case, and he never attempted to obstruct justice still.

Sources revealed he had mentioned Azriel Clary even though he doesn’t name her, as she is now working with the prosecution. Kelly revealed that if he had tried to intimidate her, this would be reported to prosecutors by her before now.

It is said that the third time is a charm, but for R. Kelly it is a different story.

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