R. Kelly Denies Sleeping with Aaliyah’s Mom

March 19, 2019 2:49 PM

In a recent interview Lisa Van Allen, who is an ex-girlfriend of the famous singer, spoke about the relationship between Aaliyah and him. She said, “R Kelly had confessed to her that he had slept with Aaliyah’s mother during the time when he was sleeping with Aaliyah who was 15 year old at the time.”

Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg is now saying that Aaliyah had coerced R Kelly into believing that she was older. Even though it is alleged that documents were forged by the singer to change the teenager’s age.


A lot of articles about the famous R&B singer has been circulated recently since the documentary “Surviving R Kelly” was aired. More persons have been coming forward to speak about their alleged sexual encounters with Kelly as they try to prove that he is a maniac who has been sexually abusing many teenagers and other women.

However, R Kelly has denied the allegations and says, “Van Allen is simply trying to tarnish his name.” This statement was made by Kelly personally, he seems to be paying attention to the information that is being circulating about his case.

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R Kelly’s next court date is March 22nd and he and his legal team will be facing another one of his accusers and the lawyer who represents them.


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