R. Kelly former Back-Up Singer explains seeing him have Sex with 15 Year Old Aaliyah

January 4, 2019 7:53 AM

A Lifetime six- part docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” that has many episodes is set to arrive on Thursday, January 3. The first episode will be all about a very damning report from oe of R. Kelly’s backup singers Jovante Cunningham, who said she saw him when he was involved in many sexual encounters with underage girls including Aaliyah, in the 90’s.

Cunningham recalls being on the tour bus when the singer’s room door flies ope ad she saw the 27 year old doing things with the 15 year old Aaliyah that he should not be doing. Added to that it was rumored that R. Kelly had gotten married to Aaliyah I 1994 after he had forged documents that stated that the 15 year old Aaliyah was 18-years-old. Oe of R. Kelly’s personal assistant confirmed that the marriage actually took place when he was with the couple.


He felt bad about it because he knew that Aaliyah was underage, but the marriage didn’t last long, as her parents caused it to be annulled in less than a year.


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