R. Kelly Is Requesting Jury Identity Reveal Ahead of Trial

International R&B singer R. Kelly has been behind bars for over one year and is expected to go to trial in October of this year.

R. Kelly is however pleading that the Judges reveal the identities of the Jury which they currently are keeping a secret.


R. Kelly is stating that by the judge concealing the identities of the persons involved in the Jury it places him at a great disadvantage going into the trial.

Reports have stated that the main reason for the Judges hiding the identity of the Jury is because the singer and his team have had a known past for harassing the people involved in making his court decisions.

The singer who is now locked up for kidnapping and racketeering is said to have made bribes previously in the child pornography case to the family of the child he was said to abused for 15 years.

According to the police, R. Kelly and others, namely Derrell McDavid and Milton Brown have been committing crimes of this sort for approximately 25 years.

The singer’s legal team is requesting the identity reveal of the jurors as they would want to check online to see if any posts have been made by them about the incarcerated singer.

According to the police, R.Kelly and his co-defendants were actively trying to hide the crimes they had committed.

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