Rafter Turns Head While Massaging Erotic Woman with Legs Opened Wide – Watch Videos

A rafter recently found himself in a rather intriguing situation. Two videos shared on social media captured his valiant effort to resist the allure of a woman while performing the rather unconventional task of oiling and massaging her body during a rafting adventure.

In the first video, the rafter found himself atop a raft with three women, each exuding their unique charm. Two of the women stood on the raft, radiating confidence and laughter. One sported a striking two-piece swimwear with a vibrant combination of red, green, and yellow, accentuated by black strings.


Her companion donned an eye-catching orange one-piece bathing suit, embracing the sunshine vibes. Meanwhile, the third woman reclined, wearing a two-piece bathing suit with a top in orange and yellow and matching orange bottoms.

As the lively duo danced and recorded the experience on their phones, the woman lying down displayed a playful and provocative demeanour. She spread her legs wide open, inviting the rafter to apply what seemed to be oil on her body. She shook her legs and rubbed her pubic area as he did so.

The rafter, maintaining his professionalism despite the alluring circumstances or otherwise, he began massaging her legs with his head turned away to deflect the raunchy client. He then turned and playfully used one of his hands to block out the sight of her openness in front of him. He continued with a focus on her belly.

However, in a comical twist, he stumbled and nearly fell over her. Regaining his balance, he took up the rafting stick and swiftly moved to the middle of the raft.

Valiant’s unreleased track “See Money Yah,” played as the backdrop in the video.

See the video below:


In a second video, the scenario remained unchanged, with the woman lying on her stomach. The rafter massaged her back, butt, legs, and feet while the other two women danced energetically. This video was captioned, “Potato pudding badness,” and Skeng’s “Sha La La” provided the rhythm.

See the video below:


The videos were shared on Instagram by @ace876media.ent, attracting a flurry of comments from viewers. One viewer applauded the rafter for his admirable display of restraint amidst temptation.

See the comment below:

Rafter comment

Others humorously suggested that he turned away due to the powerful scent emanating from his client.

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