Raftmen ‘Daggering’ Female Customers – Watch Video

Since river rafting became a favourite for visitors, Rio Grande among other rivers has been very busy with tourists relaxing on bamboo rafts on which they take a tour along the stream.

Not everyone who visits Rio Grande in Portland goes there to relax; some go for an exhilarating experience, and this is evident in a new video that emerged online.


The video that is now making the rounds shows the festivities that some travellers are engaging in while cruising along the river.

With Ishawna’s raunchy Want It song blasting and the bamboo rafts drifting atop the water, raftmen are seen gyrating on women presumed to be their customers/clients.

One of the women was twerking, and a raftman approached her and started dancing on her butt while another raftman was giving another woman a whine while she twerked.

Meanwhile, two other women were dancing solo as multiple persons with phones captured the scene.

Watch the video of the raftmen below:


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