Rape charges against Mystical dismissed due to Insufficient Evidence

Throughout the ordeal, Mystikal firmly maintained claims that he’s innocent with regards to the charges laid against him. Now a grand jury agrees with him.

Since today Friday, December 18th several major news outlets have reported that the rape charges have been dropped.


Mystikal turned in himself during August 2017 when he was being investigated about a first-degree as well as second-degree kidnapping back in 2016. Mystikal served 18 months behind bars.

A $3 million bond that was posted in February this year secured his release from a Louisiana prison.

Prosecutors plated a plea bargain before the case even reached the trial phase however Mystikal rejected that deal. The rapper’s defence team were confident that the alleged victim had tremendous credibility issues thus, they were willing to brawl in court.

The rapper had returned to the music world and even performed at a festival in Orlando during April of this year, his adoring fans welcomed and cheered him on wildly.


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