Rapper YNW Melly Shadow Boxing plus Sings and Dances with Himself in Interrogation Room – Watch Video

YNW Melly was apparently unbothered when he was placed in an interrogation room some time ago. Footage of the American rapper’s nonchalant mood has surfaced online, showing him singing and dancing inside the interrogation room.

While he could not be heard, the song obviously had him in a groove as he danced around the room. Stopping multiple times, he did some jabs in the air, shadowboxing in the police station.

Just a few days ago, the American rapper showcased his unwavering positive demeanour, sporting broad smiles inside the courtroom. Melly is presently undergoing trial for two counts of first-degree murder relating to the 2018 killings of his friends, Anthony Williams and Chris Thomas.

Despite entering a plea of not guilty, Melly is facing the death penalty, which he might receive if there is an 8-count vote from a 12-member jury.

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