YNW Melly Happy Snapchat Memories Denied as Evidence; Looking at Death Penalty

Although the conclusion to American rapper YNW Melly’s case draws near and the death penalty looms as a possibility, the entertainer seems to be in good spirits and all smiles in photos of him in court.

According to sources, prosecutors on the case opposing YNW Melly requested to use his Snapchat memories as evidence, however, it was turned down by the presiding judge on the basis that his social media memories include a video that shows money and a gun.

It was alleged that the gun in the video was the one used to commit the murders.

Melly is on trial for two counts of first-degree murder after being accused of killing two of his former friends (Anthony Williams and Chris Thomas) in October 2018. Melly pleaded not guilty to the charges but is facing the death penalty which could be made possible by receiving an 8-count vote from a 12-member jury.

Jamell Maurice Demons,
( YNW Melly) left and attorney Stuart Adelstein, right

Meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, Chris Thomas, was upset about how the Murder On My Mind artiste behaved in court. Video footage has gone viral showing Melly with his eyes closed and praying before he blows a kiss to the courtroom and smiles.

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