Ras Kitchen: Real Rasta Style Ital Ackee and No Salt Fish for Breakfast! w/ BreadFruit… Part2 [Video]

“Fry breadfruit you know brother” Says Ras Mokko, shot and created by Matthew. Its time for another episode of one of Jamaica’s top Cooking Vlog called Ras Kitchen. Starring Ras Kitchen, Canadian and Jamaican Linkup in Portland, Jamaica.

Via Ras Kitchen “Straight Ital…..bam! This is Jamaica’s nation dish, but done up without saltfish and with some breadfruit and plantain for extra Ital style. We chat about mysterious slime bags, hypocritical chicken eating vegans, old school lizard eaters and Black River crocodiles in Jamaica! Mind your feet in the water…. Bless up, Matthew & Mokko”


[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/whjRboJIDto”]

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