Ras Mokko Talks His Side of the Fallout; Calls Matthew Scammer and Thief – Watch Videos

A week after trying to mend fences with his ex-friend Matthew following their bitter split after ten years of working together on Youtube videos, in a dramatic turn of events, Ras Mokko is now hitting out hard against the man he once called his friend.

Days ago, Ras Mokko from Ras Kitchens went as far as issuing an apology and declared that it was all misunderstanding after he earlier stated that Matthew scammed him. Mokko initially stated, “Mi nah duh nuh more video with Matthew enuh, Matthew a criminal a big theif a bigtime scamma yuh kno.”

In response to the earlier video, Ras Mokko replied by stating, “Matthew ge me money and he ge me and me daughter money so there is no problem is there yuh now, no problem is there he good he cool anytime we ago mek the video he just come in .. mek video and pays us yuh nuh but sometimes a some misunderstanding sorry about that.”

However, Ras Mokko has backtracked on his initial words and apology following another interview with Sanique’s World. According to Ras Mokko, since the controversial split, he has recently received threats from an unknown individual.

As Mokko outlined in the latest video released, “me hear mi phone ring when mi hear mi phone it ring wah man seh yow police ago lock you up fi life you know you nuh famous again if you nuh mek video with Matthew again you nuh famous again them ah go lock you up fi life put you away behind bars.”

The Youtube chef says what caused the initial split was a disagreement relating to percentage over Youtube money. “How me nah get 20% nor 50%, Matthew mek me know seh if me waa nutting outa the Youtube me have to pay him back fi the picture them that kinda get me scary,” Mokko explained.

Mokko also revealed the first instance he started having suspicions about Matthew’s actions, which steamed off him not receiving alleged GoFundMe money set up in his name. “Matthew eat that money so him don’t buy a bus ge me him fi stop it, a nuff wickedness, me should a stop him from him tek weh me GoFundMe money fi me bus from that time me should a stop him,” Mokko revealed.

On the other hand, Matthew Pancer aka Matt took to the Ras Kitchen channel a week ago to tell his side of the story.

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The Rasta chef, in closing, says that Matthew was a bad weed, badmind, thief, envious and not a good person.

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See the videos below:

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