Rate Who Rate You Says Zenyth

February 3, 2019 12:33 PM

Fast rising singjay Zenyth has crafted a very witty concept based song entitled Rate Who Rate Yuh which has earned him much respect among his musical peers as well as grown his fan base. The very catchy single tackles some very universal topics which according to the artiste was a deliberate move.

“I am not only an artiste, i am a student and lover of music so at all times i try to know what the market needs at specific times which is why i created this song because our industry and society at large is experiencing a massive moral decay. I believe as artiste we can play our part to change the mindset of our youths because we have the power to influence the thought process through music. Loyalty, love and progress me a promote” Stated Zenyth.


The artiste is of the view that the local music industry can be more successful on a more consistent basis if more often than not more thought and effort is put into maintaining a high level of production and creating content that is universal.

” Music knows no barriers, it all comes down to three aspects in my opinion, the first of which is the production process. It is my view that too often we hear songs on the air which are not composed and or mixed properly which obviously limits how far that song can reach. The second aspect is the promotion of the music which is also crucial because the fans cannot accept something they don’t know about. The next and one of the most important aspect is the management of the artiste because without the financial and networking support the artiste has a slim chance of achieving success. However fly high or low if we create more songs that are catchy and the topics are universal i believe reggae/dancehall will have a greater and more consistent pressence on international charts and media” Stated the eloquent Zenyth.

Currently Zenyth is busy promoting his Rate Who Rate Yuh single. The accompanying music video was recently released and according to the artiste the feedback has been excellent thus far.

SOURCE: Karl Durrant


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