Rayge The “Aquarian” Steps Up His Music Game… Set to Drop New EP

Friday, February 5, 2021, 12:00 PM

Yardhype recently linked up with the artiste Rayge, to get to know him better and this is what was found out about the talented creative.

The entertainer who has been doing music for 11 years professionally is a native of Clarendon, however, grew up in Spanish Town and later moved to Portmore.


Rayge was born on the 21st of January 1989, hence the title of his most recent song release entitled “Aquarian”.

According to the Artiste who is also a graphic designer, and video editor, his style of music is what you would call adaptive.

He went on to further explain his form of creating music by letting it known that he moves with the sounds of the time and never stay stagnant, always evolving and constantly reinventing himself which allows the entertainer to be different on every song.

When asked about his favourite Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Rayge stated that he listens to almost everyone, however, there are exceptional songs he prefers to listen.

Check out one of his visuals below.

In terms of his career, the “Aquarian” artiste stated that there are hosts of projects that he is currently working on, as well as riddims that he co-produced.

Rayge has also appeared on Juggling riddims, that have already been released with other big names so he certainly has been putting in the work.

The multi-talented creative told Yardhype, that he is currently working on his Ep, which is set to be released soon from his record label.

In terms of being grounded, Rayge explained that he is always in the studio around like-minded people with great energy making music as spending time with family keeps him fully grounded.

When the topic of Jamaica was touched the entertainer said that other than the fact that he is a child of the land, he stated that what he loves about Jamaica is that the country keeps you on the edge, and updated with the reality of life, not sugar-coating what is real.

Rayge told us, that he is the proud CEO and Executive Producer of Royal Born Records, and 95% of leases have been done under his production.

The “Royal Born”, CEO said that he also has worked with other recording houses such as Star D Productions, Bass Lion Art Productions, Dj Kunteh Records, Ice Move Records among others.

In three years, Rayge sees himself as an established artist and businessman who is very successful in his investments.

The versatile artist told Yardhype Entertainment, that there are different approaches to his creative process however after he makes a beat he usually just press record and let the rest flow.

In answering the big question about the state of Dancehall and reggae, Rayge expressed that the genres are doing great, and he sees where fresh talents are being exposed more frequently and the established are getting more international highlight.

The entertainer stated that regardless of the genres not doing the best internationally, he believes that is something time will work out as many subcategories of music are being formed and more artists will be receiving the glory, recognition and compensation they deserve.

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Check out one of his latest songs titled “Aquarian”, below.

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