READ: Spreading HIV on purpose before Hope is Restored

March 18, 2018 10:08 AM

[Sharingbuttons]”I cursed God, I hated men. I was out for revenge.” These words were spoken by Olivia Whyte. She almost committed suicide when she found out that she has the HIV virus about 19 years ago. 
Olivia was only 21 years old when she found out she had the virus. The HIV or human immunodeficiency virus report from the Jamaican Ministry of Health is showing an increase in the amount of newly infected persons. However there could be a lot more persons who have the virus, but they have not done the test.

Olivia got the virus from her children’s father, who didn’t reveal his status until 2 weeks before he died. This was a very traumatic situation for her to deal with. There are approximately 34,000.00 Jamaicans who have HIV in 2015 and 2016 the amount of diagnosed cases were rising.


Olivia was afraid to hear what the Doctor had to say when she took the test. But eventually she faced her problem and moved away from the community she was living in and went somewhere else on the island to live. Men were always showing interest in her, because she still looked good, even though she would not take her medication. 
The district she now lived in was small and the men wasted no time. They went to bed with her even though they didn’t know much about her.

Olivia didn’t care about who she was hurting when she slept around, until she passed on the virus to a married man who decided not to wear a condom even though she told him to. He had sex with his wife afterwards and she got infected as well. Olivia met her long after when she was at the clinic getting her medication and a conversation started between them. She told Olivia how she caught the virus from her husband and this caused Olivia to start thinking of the pain she was causing innocent women to feel. Her conscience wouldn’t allow her to continue living in the way, she was living before. She wanted to stop spreading the virus.
It is a crime to knowingly spread the virus, but there are a lot of persons who give up on life when they hear that they have HIV and they just want to make others feel how they are feeling.
There are counselors out there, who are there to encourage infected persons and tell them all they need to know about living with the virus. Olivia is now living a happy and productive life.


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