Is This The Real Photo Of Jamaica’s National Hero Paul Bogle? – Watch Video

Monday, December 25, 2023, 7:54 AM

The decades-old mystery as to the real portrait of the leader of the largest uprising in Jamaica, Paul Bogle, seemed to have taken a step forward to be solved. In the past years, the controversy surrounding the picture depicting Thomas Jennings And Paul Bogle as the same person has grown tremendously between Americans and Jamaicans.

In an effort to shed more light on the debate, Jamaican-Ukrainian researcher Irina Bruce has presented some telling data via video to try to uncover who the person in the depiction is, where the picture originated, who the portrait owner was and who was responsible for the age-old confusion.


The first point detailed by Irina Bruce to prove that the photo was a depiction of Paul Bogle and not Thomas Jennings, was the time frame of when the photo was taken. According to Irina, “If this photo is the photo of Thomas Jennings, it would have been taken any time, between October 1856 and February 1859, which also means the man in the photo is at least 65 years old; do you think this man is in his late 60’s? I don’t think so.”

The Photo In Question

As she continued her revelations, Irina presented original documents courtesy of the National Library of Jamaica, proving that the photo originated and was first made public in Jamaica in 1957.

See the image of the record below:

Another telling piece of evidence outlined by the presenter showed how the photo became a depiction of Thomas Jennings.

Irina revealed that the image was first added to the internet in 2001 as the photo of Paul Bogle; the same image was then added to a blog bio of Thomas Jennings in 2010 by a user in the celebration of black history, which ultimately led to the confusion, as a major media outlet also used the image as Thomas Jennings in its magazine.

Irina Holding The Issued Magazine Which Contributed To Confusion

See the video below:

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