Reasons For The Popularity Of Android Smartphones

July 27, 2022 4:49 AM

Android smartphones are popular all over the world due to several reasons. First of all, there are a lot of models with a wide variety of characteristics, and visual design. If you add to this also a democratic price, it becomes clear why Many people use Android.

The most popular Android apps in 2021

Statistics say that the most downloaded applications in the Google Play Store are for communication, entertainment and watching movies. We are used to spending leisure time with the phone, relaxing. After all, a modern phone is a complex of a wide variety of possibilities.

  • TikTok. An endless tape of short funny, strange, and sometimes useful videos. The application took root in teenagers.
  • Google. With the application you will always be aware of important events. Ask questions, learn interesting news and get recommendations, Google will find everything.
  • Facebook. A social network that has united a wide variety of users. Not only young people communicate here, the platform allows you to search for colleagues and unite by interests.
  • Microsoft. An office suite of applications that allows you to turn your phone into a machine for working with various types of documents.
  • Instagram. The largest social network for sharing photos and videos. Everyone has the opportunity to tell the world how the day goes, earn a lot of emotions and get the reactions of friends.
  • Amazon. A platform where you can buy anything. The application saves the search, tracks orders and notifies you when the parcel arrives.
  • Netflix. The largest and most beloved cinema hall in your pocket. The most relevant novelties, own movies and discussions of heroes offers the application.
  • Youtube. Video hosting, which even children know about. Useful channels, favorite comedies and just the life of real people somewhere abroad.
  • Twitter. Service for the exchange of thoughts, with the help of which interaction with people from all over the world takes place. The tweets briefly and succinctly express the main idea of the author.
  • Whatsapp. The application for messaging and making calls to any operator. It is possible to send photos and videos, use emoticons.

Each has its own set of useful and necessary applications. Someone loves shops, and someone accumulates training programs. The Google Play Store has it all.

The most popular games for Android smartphones in 2021

The smartphone is used not only for useful services, It is entertainment, among which the “lion’s” share is occupied by games. Website offers to get acquainted with the most popular games for Android 2021.

  • Warhammer: Odyssey. It becomes more difficult to fight evil, but the hero will overcome everything and destroy evil magic.
  • Mini DayZ 2. Only the bravest and most desperate players can fight the virus that has captured the whole world.
  • Blade & Soul Revolution. Epic battles and large-scale battles in real time. Crush enemies and level up the hero.
  • Ninja Arashi 2. Become a ninja, help him cope with all the tasks and finally defeat his worst enemy.
  • Asphalt 9: Legends. Choose the fastest car and dissect it along the night tracks. The wind whistles, the sound of the wheels stretches the nerves – this is the coolest race in the world.
  • Crash Bandicoot: On the Run. Help the fox cope with the professor and collect points along the way. At the end of the game, the hero is waiting for an amazing reward.
  • Bless Mobile. A fictional world in which every step is a new adventure. A variety of missions and the search for lost items are just the beginning of the game.
  • AstraCraft. Become an invincible robot, take part in the battle and bring victory to your team. The plot develops at lightning speed.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade. Who wants to have their own army, which has hundreds of well-trained and equipped fighters? Adventures await.
  • Super Car Simulator: Open World. Feel the spirit of real competitions together with friends and partners. Real-time racing – how can anyone resist?

This is not a complete list, since in fact there are thousands of new games in 2021. Games provide an opportunity to distract from real time, have an interesting time and enjoy the process.


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