Record Label Paid $350k JMD for song from Squash but Getting Run Around!

Saturday, October 17, 2020, 9:05 PM GMT-5

Dancehall record label Studios Entertainment is crying foul after the owner paid a reported $350k JMD to manager Heavy D who seemingly took his money and did not present the work he paid for. Upset about how things transpired Studios Entertainment boss released several voicenotes and screenshots of conversions he had with Squash and his manager Heavy D.

The young record producer outlines that he is taking his issues to the public to highlight the trials many other young producers go through after paying top artistes to do work.

Squash and Heavy D

After not receiving the song he paid for, the producer inbox Squash, see the messages below.

The producer then posted the following to his story online.

In a voicenote released with the voice of Heavy D, we hear “a me yah seh yuh a try set up batty bwoy… well mi nah look bout fi nuh money enuh… mi nah look bout nuh pussy claat money fi yo.. guh ask Squash fi yo money”

Seemingly heavy D blocked the producer after their heated exchange, see more from the Studios producer below.

The producer also went on to release a damaging voice note of the manager bashing Squash and confirming that he received the money “mi seh squash mi nuh know how him Survive him so fool” he went on to state “him nuh rich and aright cause mi deh deh a look” , these words from Heavy D seemingly already caused a split between himself and the 6ix camp.

“Memba seh yuh put out things pan mi and done my time wid the man dem… yuh do ur destruction… yuh put it a way me cah guh work with the 6ix them again” states Heavy D in another voicenote.

Heavy D also told the producer about his mother before stated that he will do the producer things “mi wi send come do yo things” states heavy D shortly before explains that the producer has caused a problem with himself and Squash because of the telling voicenotes that were released “if a war yuh want just mek it start… yo think mi normal yu mussi think mi name heavy D fi ntn”

Recently we saw Damage Music calling out Aidonia for committing a similar act of collecting money and not delivering the work but instead sends threats.

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