Reggae Girlz Reportedly Had to Train In the Dark at Sabina Park – Watch Video

In a video sent to Yardhype, the Reggae Girlz appear to be training in the dark at Sabina Park in Kingston. The only light seen on the field was emitted from the team coaster bus headlights.

A group of footballers are seen on the field, standing in front of a goal, as a single individual gathers multiple footballs in the dark stadium. However, it’s difficult to verify if it was the Reggae Girls due to the pitch-dark field and what was the reason behind them training in the dark.


The disgruntled man narrating the video captured the shocking footage from within the stadium as he gave his view on the matter and outlined what transpired.

“Jamaica national team, Reggae Girlz them deh a Jamaica a train up a Sabina Park yah, big woman come and ask them fi turn on the light pon the ball field so them can gwaan do them likkle practice you understand, see the light deh light them turn off, them look pon the national team and tell we seh JCH nah turn on no light see it deh coaster bus haffi a shine light pon the ball field fi ge the girl dem likkle light you understand, now tell me Jamaica this right?” the man questioned.

He continued by calling on the Jamaican Prime Minister, asking him what he had to say about this. According to the unidentified man, instances like these, when people are trying to be ambitious and don’t get support, can lead to a life of crime and violence.

The Reggae Girlz are currently preparing for their upcoming fixtures, following their historic run at the just concluded Women’s World Cup.

See the video below:


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