Reggae Soul Artist Caleb Hart drops visual for “EMPRESS” song

Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 3:26 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Speaking on his latest single, Caleb explained his inspiration “I wrote empress when I started working with track 7 in 2017, I thought about the crazy world that we live in and how women are treated, not just treated physically, but looked upon and always expected to be the nurturer, care giver, etc.. I just thought Lord knows women are stronger than men, in pretty much every way, but how can I one day be truly be a king to a Queen? I wasn’t writing for anyone specifically, but I thought of the ways I could serve my future woman, so I wrote Empress and poured my heart to whomever she may be, and also on behalf of all men who want make a difference, not just the cliche but truly honor their women and treat them as who they are… Queens” – MPR Consulting

Filmed in Caleb’s beautiful Caribbean island home of Tobago, “EMPRESS” video was filmed & edited by Zaichkowsky .


“Caleb Hart’s raw emotion and positive energy is a beautiful sight to watch unfold. His insightful lyrics into the world around him, and his ability to connect with his audience on a personal and spiritual level is a truly unique experience, as was felt by more than 2,500 people at Folk on the Rocks.” Andrew Livingston – Folk On The Rocks Festival (NWT Canada)

“First time we heard Caleb, “unique” came to mind. He has nice vocal quality and control.” Lion Twin – Dread Radio (Trinidad & Tobago)

“I have never met another performer as talented or dedicated to his craft as Caleb Hart. A true musical craftsman and lyricist!Leo Cripps” – Calgary International Reggae Festival (AB Canada)

“Once in a while a person’s art, passion and heart intersect in a way that is unusual and powerful. Caleb Hart is on a journey to explore how to really make love the centre of life, community, and of course his music.”Dave Schenk – EasterFest & Deep Blue Events (Australia)

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