Renee Sixthirty – New Music – New Body for 2020

Renee Sixthirty is so proud of her body that she sang a whole song about it. The song is getting a lot of love from both men and women.

In a recent interview, Renee revealed that she was depressed after she did the body modification surgery.

Just after the surgery, she had a lot of pain and she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted to see.

renee sixthirty body jamaican model artiste 2020

Renee Sixthirty doesn’t think she would do surgery again; it took three months and a few weeks to recover, but now she thinks she made a good investment.

Renee is now doing music alone full time, she danced before but some of the moves caused her to have serious back problems. She also gets income from modeling, there are stores that pay her to wear their clothes.

She is expecting big things in 2020, she just went number 1 on the US and UK charts. Her song that was done with Charlie Blacks and Gage is also doing well abroad.

Her Social Media page and Youtube were hacked and she was losing money as persons could not contact her, but she started over and now she is getting ready to do 3 collaborations with international artistes.

Renee 6:30’s advice to teenage girls is they should take care of their bodies so they won’t need surgery and they should give their education all their attention and keep their heads on their bodies.

WATCH: Renee 6:30 – My Body (Official Video)

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