Reneto Adams Talks Having ‘No Remorse’ After His First Kill: Many Jamaicans Now Praising His Ruthless Crime-Fighting Methods – Watch Interview

Former Superintendent Reneto Decordova Valentino Adams was criticised by many for the tactics he used when enforcing the law over 20 years ago. However, it seems that now many Jamaicans believe that his ruthless crime-fighting methods would be effective in decreasing Jamaica’s current crime rate. 

Decades later, many Jamaicans are praising the former cop following an interview released on April 26. During the interview, Reneto Adams candidly spoke about his upbringing in St. Elizabeth and his time in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).


Adams joined the JCF at the age of 18 and served for 41 years before retiring in June 2008. During his time, Adams was classified as a “badman police” by the public.

Additionally, Adams shared that the first time he took a life did not weigh on his conscience at all because he was “an agent of the state” while on duty and not Reneto Adams.  “I don’t internalise or personalise that at all. I am working as an agent of the state,” he told host Simone Clarke Cooper during the latest episode of Sim’s Soul Session

He continued by saying, “The persons who have been injured mortally or so, I don’t take onto myself that blame because that Reneto Adams was a person of the state. Who killed that person, if they were killed or injured, is the state, not Reneto Adams.” 

He further indicated that he has no remorse towards those individuals who were “foolish” enough to challenge an agent of the state.

Additionally, he expressed that he became so acquainted with the sound of gunshots, especially those fired at him during his 41 years in the JCF, that he did not fear it. Instead, he thought of it as “orchestra of music,” which he “danced to” by responding to the “criminal elements.”

Watch the interview with Reneto Adams below:

The interview, shared on YouTube three days ago, has since garnered over 26K views and 1.4K likes. In response to the interview, one viewer commented, “If this man name ADAMS was still around,there would not be so gunmen around now.He was a person of LAW AND ORDER,NO JOKE.”

Another viewer said, “Jamaica needs 20… of him. The career he was in is the most corrupted place to be..  Thank you, sir, for your service. More guidance You should be commission of JCF.”

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