Rescuers Deploy Smart Tactic to Save Suicidal Woman from Jumping – Watch Video

A woman who was attempting to commit suicide was saved in the nick-of-time by rescue personnel.

Footage of the clever rescue operation was shared online, showing a suicidal woman dressed in a white shirt and black shorts standing on the edge of a balcony of a high building.

The rescuers were spotted on floors above and below her when, suddenly, a net came cascading down, somewhat barring the edge. A member of the rescue team below snatched one side of the net, and the female hastily walked to the other side of the ledge.

Before she could apparently jump, two members of the rescue team descended on ropes, swiftly sliding down to get to her.

One grabbed her and forced her against the railing, restraining her along with a second individual standing on the other side of the rail. Together, they both managed to pull her over while onlookers from below applauded.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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