Reverend Al Miller Tells Jamaicans Not To Volunteer Children For Vaccine

Monday, August 23, 2021, 9:09 PM

Reverend Al Miller who is the Director of the National Transformation Program (NTP), is cautiously warning Jamaicans against what he refers to as the “volunteering of our children” in the Government’s most recent vaccination blitz.

Already the new campaign to get children between the ages of 12 and 18, has reached its second day and many students have gone to get their vaccines as the Minister Of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton, declared the Pfizer medicine to be safe and necessary for them to be reentered into school in a face to face setting.


Al Miller, however, is calling for a deeper analysis of the whole situation, explaining to the Jamaica Observer who he spoke to about the matter that; the Government is currently subjected to rigid international pressures due to senseless treaties and conventions they signed.

The Reverend expressed that they should allow experiments to be done only on adults and that parents should not dare to volunteer their children, because of international requirements.

Where it concerns the vaccine, Mr Miller is claiming more information is needed and it makes no sense to subject the children to the jabs as they are the future, and the vaccines that have been rolled out are more powerful than the usual rubella shots that the people are aware of.

He continued by explaining that adults are the ones who make the decisions for children, further stating that in the beginning, the Government had stated that the vaccines were a solution only to later agree that it is experimental.

Because of that Reverend Al Miller is stern on the need for more information, telling the Government to allow those who want to do it but not force it on anyone.

Professor Figueroa who deals with studies concerning epidemiology and HIV/AIDS at the University Of The West Indies has lashed out against the NTP director, however, stating that there is no basis for the arguments pushed forward by Reverend Al Miller.

The Professor did commend the church leaders in their efforts though, as he sees it as an incremental step in getting support for the vaccine program.

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