Rhoda Moy Crawford Denies Having Affair and Getting Pregnant for Prime Minister Andrew Holness – Watch Interview

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 4:16 PM

Frustrated by the slanderous allegations made against her, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Member of Parliament for Manchester Central, Rhoda Moy Crawford denied having an affair with Prime Minister Andrew Holness during an interview on Wednesday.

Amid the contentious political climate, Crawford has become a popular topic of discussion for several online bloggers. It has been alleged that she was engaged in an affair with Holness and became pregnant.


It was further alleged that Crawford was forced to terminate the pregnancy after Juliet Holness became aware of the affair. Speaking with Cliff Hughes on Nationwide 90fm, Crawford expressed that she does not wish to delve too deeply into the “wild” accusations against her right now but will do so at the right time.

Crawford said the only reason she is continuing her political career despite the slanderous allegations is because of the love she has for her country. Sharing her story of humble beginnings, Crawford also expressed doubt that any other young politician had come under attack as she had.

Rhoda Crawford (left) and Andrew Holness (right)
Image – JIS

In addition to putting her education on hold, the MP said she has invested all her resources in her constituents, and instead of emulating and applauding her, people have spread rumours.

“Instead of emulate then what is good, you have people they start off with a rumour. Oh, how is Rhoda able to do so much work? She must be getting more money. And then now they keep adding to it. Oh, she must be involved with the prime minister; that’s why shi getting more money. These things are heartbreaking,” Crawford stated.

Crawford went on to address the pregnancy rumours and called the allegations sickening and hurtful. She added that the rumours are being spread without any consideration for the families that are involved.

Crawford shared that while she has contemplated pursuing a lawsuit, she does not want the allegations to become a public distraction that would hurt her comrades and party.

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According to the MP, the pregnancy rumours originated from a member of the People’s National Party (PNP) who joked that she looked pregnant but she was actually suffering from a fibroids issue.

Watch Crawford’s interview below.

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