Richard Branson Launches Virgin Galactic Rocket into Space – Video

Sunday, July 11, 2021, 7:20 PM GMT-5

British Billionaire Richard Branson is now soaring to new heights with his Virgin Galactic Rocket aka VSS Unity, which he started 17 years ago. Branson recently tested the jet, in the deserts of New Mexico and was successful to experience the rock plane fly up to 53 miles on its first testing.

This move, says Richard Branson who is now 70 years of age, is a preparation for what is to come from Space Tourism, and even his rival Jeff Bezos from (AMZN.O), congratulated him for being the first to launch such a craft into space and return safely.

The well-prepared launch featured future customers, space executives and supporters of the businessman who were all blown away by the move which was also live-streamed on several media networks.

Business Mogul, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, was even there to see the monumental moment.

After being attached to the underside of its mothership, “Dual Fuselage Jet Vms”, the Galactic Rocket was released at 46000 feet where it then soared to the heights of space at 85.9 km (53 miles).

It was a largely celebrated moment with R&B artiste, Khalid performing one of his latest songs “New Normal” at the event.

So far, several people have booked their flights at $250,000 per ticket, however, there remains, according to Branson, two more test runs before the jet goes commercial in 2022.

After watching the happenings, one person commented, “It highlights just how small our planet is in the universe, it’s our home and we should take care of it,” while another said, “The overview effect. Richard Branson had two minutes and now wants to protect the rainforest. When Bezos goes, hopefully he goes way farther and stays out there for a week or two. Then maybe he’ll make sure his workers have a safe environment to go to every day. Or give them bathroom breaks.”

Watch the occasion via the video below.

Check out Richard Branson’s interview after returning to land below.

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