Ricky Trooper Brought to Tears While Speaking About His Daughter’s Passing, Says “It Tuff” – Watch Video

Friday, April 7, 2023, 5:42 PM GMT-5

World-renowned dancehall selector Ricky Trooper got overwhelmed by raw emotions as he expressed his pain and grief while addressing the news of his daughter’s death. The selector started the video by stating that he was heading to a party to play music because of contractual agreements. Ricky Trooper also pointed out that what kept him going was that he was continuing his work of playing music as he shed a few tears and tried to keep his raw emotions in.

“From yuh tek promoter money you caa tell dem seh this happen and that happen yuh just haffi just do the work star, ah me a tell uno the truth a the music a the music, a really an truly a keep me going a the music star,” Trooper expressed while sobbing with tears in his eyes. The vIdeo was posted with the following caption, “Thanks for the love people.”


The controversial selector went on the state on his instagram live that his daughter was innocent as he seemingly explained what led to his daughter’s death, “me baby innocent star, cause yuh a talk to a one and yuh seh yuh nuh in a nuttin with dem an yuh done, an a one a guaan like seh bwoy seen, him owned yuh, Trooper stated. The legendary selector also said he and his late daughter was close, in fact, all of his children.

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“Me an her a reason, and she mek me know waa guaan, an ray-ray an yuh deh deh and a wul it with her, but me never know seh a man woulda go so far seen, but the thing is this a social media, an me is a boy weh nah go seh this or me nah go seh that, me just haffi go just deal with this people seen, me just a deal wid it an just wul it,” the legendary selector told his concerned fans. 

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In closing off the seven-minute-long video, Ricky Trooper thanked his fans, members of the music industry and well-wishers who reached out to him and continued to do so. Rickey Trooper even highlighted the condolences sent out by dancehall artiste Bounty Killer as he explained to his well-wishers that any beef he and Bounty had in the past was only musical. The selector also asked persons who are planning to reach out to him to express their condolence for some privacy in these trying times. 

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See the video below:

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