Ricky Trooper Not Holding Back in his Criticism of Elephant Man and Bad Boy Trevor

Sunday, March 29, 2020, 4:55 PM GMT-5

Ricky Trooper the selector was not holding back when he spoke out against the artistes who are breaking the new laws that were put in place since the Covid-19 outbreak across the world.

He remembers speaking up for the industry recently when the noise abatement act was being enforced; and now he believes it is important for him to add his voice to the problems that artistes are causing.


Trooper says, “apologizing for breaking the law is not something he is willing to accept now”. He thinks they don’t have any regard for the lives of others. The judge should use the opportunity to lock up the entertainers who breached the law, for a long time and use them as an example so that other, Jamaican’s will not do what they did.

No amount of money and fame can protect you from this invisible enemy now. Trooper says he is very upset because the entertainers should be the ones who are making songs that would encourage the people to keep the laws.

Now that there are many restrictions placed on the entertainment industry, life is hard on the people who were earning from the many events before Covid-19 started infecting people.

He said, “Jamaica doesn’t have enough health professionals and hospitals to deal with a huge number of sick people like the other countries that he saw where thousands are dying now.” He noticed how packed the hospitals in other countries are. “Jamaican’s need to think about this and stop putting their lives and the lives of others at risk”.

He believes Jamaica could be in a much better position if the people would simply respect the law.

Bad Boy Trevor Out on Bail

Bad Boy Trevor the exotic club operator, is facing multiple charges for breaching the laws that were introduced because of the dreaded disease Covid-19.

He said Social Media caused it to get out of hand. When he walked through Kingston and saw that every place was closed after that, he realized that many persons were taking the threat of the pandemic seriously.

He was charged under the noise abatement act, the spirit licence act and the disaster management risk act, after he was charged for breaching the Coronavirus protocols, he is out on bail and is now scheduled to appear in court on the 24th of April. It is possible that he might be asked to pay a fine of $1 million.

Bad Boy Trevor was arrested and placed in the holding area for a while. He has apologized and said it was a bad thing he did. 

He said he was having a private party in a house, he didn’t plan for it to be big, but more people came than he expected.

He was conscious of the rules and he only invited 20 persons and planned to check temperatures, give away hand sanitizers etc. He had even locked down when the police arrived. 

His VIP friends were bored at home and he decided to have a party. He said he didn’t think about the fact that it was a matter of life and death, as the coronavirus is dangerous, and it is easily spread.

Keneil, the young man who was arrested along with Bad Boy Trevor was worried, because he didn’t want to get a police record as he wants to do a lot of great things with his life.

He was there working as a bartender and the police saw him.

Bad Boy Trevor says the discipline he has seen on display in Jamaica at this time shows that it is possible for Jamaica to do much better.

Keniel says when the Government set a law, you just don’t break it. It is clear, that he has learned a lesson because of what happened.

Trevor says his club is now closed and things are bad for him.

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