Ricky Trooper Says Bounty Killer Is “Bitter” and Exposes His Many Personal Issues – Watch Video

In response to the interview done by Bounty Killer in the Cayman Islands about his absence at the funeral of dancehall veteran Merciless, which garnered a lot of backlash from the public, Ricky Trooper has taken to social media to list the many problems that have made Killer “bitter.”

The Entertainment Feed (TEF), uploaded the video of Ricky Trooper giving Bounty a verbal lashing, stating, “mi see the whole interview now ennuh weh him do fi Hot 104.1 FM a Grand Cayman…and mi nah tell nuh lie star boi the man sound bitter.”


He asked someone to tag Bounty in the video so that he would hear what he had to say. Ricky Trooper continued, “the man really show say, zeen, him hate the yute from long time. Him hate the man although the man deal with him and him deal wid the yute, him hate him same way.”

Declaring that the video was not done as a means to bash the prominent Warlord, the veteran music selector remarked that he is a “big man fi Killer” and how bad it is to “have up” a man for over 30 years. Continuing, Ricky Trooper stated that Killer made his point but went out of his way to defame Merciless and even admitted to shutting him out of the business.

The selector also revealed some of Bounty’s dirty laundries by voicing, “yuh nah sleep good a nighttime. Yuh have artiste problem, yuh have gay problem with your son, yuh have tonguing problem cuz dem tief yuh gal. A gal tief weh your woman wid har tongue.” His advice to Killer was to learn how to use his tongue in more productive ways that would aid his love life.

Ricky Trooper vocalized that he can physically beat the Cellular Phone deejay, along with many others, because he can’t fight, but he would leave that alone. He also mentioned that there are a lot of artistes that Bounty Killer tried to shut out of the dancehall business.

Watch the entire video below:

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