Ricky Trooper Says Noah Powa Put Out a Hit on Him; Noah Responds – Watch Videos

Dancehall selector Ricky Trooper went off in a recent rant about how Jamaican entertainer Noah Powa allegedly put out a hit on his life.

According to Ricky Trooper, who said that he is the reason why Noah is even abroad, he heard from an acquaintance of his who relayed to him that Noah made a phone call to try to set up his life. During the rant, the selector stated, “Yuh cyah set up mi life, yuh fi memba seh a Ricky Trooper ennuh.”

He went on to explain that this was a reaction to him telling Noah that he made his migration possible. “Yah guh call people a foreign and a tell people say dis and dat and ray ray bwoi, eh. The man weh yuh call a my link…weh yah do, try set up mi life fi man kill mi and diss me? Yuh cyah do that Noah,” Ricky Trooper said.

The Keep The Same Energy entertainer saw the video of the selector calling him out circulating on YouTube because of multiple people tagging him, and Noah responded with a video of his own, dismissing all the allegations that were levelled against him.

Noah refuted the statements by saying, “Ricky Trooper if yuh wah sell yuh book dem jus try sell yuh book and luw me outta yuh f**kery…stop try fi use me as a clout fi sell yuh book…” Continuing, Noah said that by spreading rumours that he wanted him dead is putting his life and the life of his children in jeopardy.

He further stated, “Yuh cyah tell dem lie deh…mi is a man mi nuh do dem smn yah…mi nuh trouble nobody…first of all mi an yuh nuh have no problem bredda…yuh jus get up and yuh jus wah disrespect me.”

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Noah went on to mention that he has not seen Ricky Trooper in 15 or 16 years and that he had no beef with him.

Watch Ricky Trooper video below:


Listen to Noah’s response below:

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