RIDDIM To Drop a RIDDIM Plus BIG Event In Atlanta And Jamaica Soon

October 8, 2021

PHS promotion is doing a great favour to the entertainment industry both yard and abroad, based on the spectacular one of a kind event that they have decided to organize to get people on the party train.

The event is called “Riddim” and already the party has taken place, three times in Panama City(Florida), featuring some of Jamaica’s most enigmatic entertainers.


On April 4th of this year, the entertainer featured on the event was I-Octane, while Montego Bay’s finest Squash took the stage on July 25th and the Vendetta boss Alkaline, delivered a masterful performance at the event’s third hosting on September 26th which was hosted by Trabass.

watch Alkaline’s performance below.

Entertaining the crowd with music at the event’s hosting that featured Squash was DJ Copper Ash, DJ Dre Don and guest performer D Prototype, who along with Slick_Whiteline worked to keep the flame going in the party.

The PHS team has already announced that the next two hosting of the event will be held in Atlanta and Jamaica, which certainly is a good look for the country since most people have expressed their frustrations from being locked inside and not able to have the fun they want.

The promotion team for the “Riddim” event also said that it is in the plans to release a riddim project also entitled “Riddim”, which will feature I-Octane as well as many big dancehall names in the industry.

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