Rita Marley Says “Forces will fight they’ll be defeated…”

Rita Marley took to social media on Sunday to share her thoughts with followers on the holy day. Despite not speaking out amidst the online saga about herself and Cindy Breakspeare’s relationship with Bob, her latest post seemingly shows her mindset whenever she’s getting a “fight”.

The Bob Marley: One Love Biopic has been out since February 14 and although the movie is reaping a lot of success and breaking records, a lot of criticism has followed the movie with many people criticising the lead actor in the movie, the lack of representation of Cindy Breakspeare in the film and also how ‘The Gong’ was portrayed as a peacemaker leaving out his strict revolutionary side.

Without saying too much, seemingly in reply to the many backlashes, Rita who is now 77 years old wrote on Instagram, “Forces will fight they’ll be defeated… walk in JAH light. ❤️” Son Ziggy was in the comments section showing full support as seen below:

Undeniably, Rita Marley played an instrumental role in both Bob Marley’s personal life and his musical career. As a devoted partner, Rita stood by Bob through triumphs and tribulations, contributing to the enduring legacy they built together.

Rita Marley’s Children

Rita Marley has three children with Bob Marley, Cedella, Ziggy, and Stephen Marley, who have all made significant contributions to the music industry. Rita has another three children outside of the marriage bringing her total amount of kids to six.

Cedella is recognized for her advocacy work and musical talent, while Ziggy and Stephen have achieved international acclaim for their Reggae music.

Where Rita Marley Lives?

Rita Marley primarily resides in Ghana, West Africa, where she has established a home and is involved in various philanthropic and cultural endeavours. However, she also spends time in other locations, including Jamaica and other parts of the world, for her musical and charitable activities.

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