Road Traffic Fatalities hit 17 Year High this Year

December 14, 2019

Javaun Emanuel of Allman Town and Janade Lloyd of Mocho Clarendon perished in a fiery crash on Chesterfield Drive just outside Seaview Gardens, in St. Andrew on Monday, they are two young people who were among the latest fatalities.

Pedestrians, pedal cyclists, pillion cyclists are some of the vulnerable road users who were a part of the 402 deaths and accounted for 63% of the fatalities.


Kenute Hare, Director of the RSU, is imploring motorists during the busy holiday season to slow down. The fatalities for 2019 will surpass the figure for 2018 by 7% if nothing changes.

“Drivers are being asked to reduce their speed, don’t drive in a way that would be offensive to other drivers, do not overtake around corners or at a junction, and look out for the children, wear seat belts  and put children in car seats and other vulnerable road users.” Hare implored them.


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