Robber found asleep in Taylor Swift’s House

[Sharingbuttons]Men who are determined to get close to Taylor Swift have been actively carrying out their plans this month. After a man broke into her home and officers arrived there, they reportedly found the man catching some Z’s in Swift’s bed. Alvarado was then arrested on charges of stalking, burglary, and criminal mischief.

Another strange incident had taken place before when it was reported that Bruce Rowley was arrested after it was reported that he robbed a bank in Ansonia, Connecticut, and said he wanted to impress Taylor Swift. He threw some of the money over her fence and donated the rest to the Police in the Area. He was arrested and locked jail.


Justin Lilly was also arrested after he trespassed in Taylor’s Beverley hills compound. He was locked up for three days and got three years, summary probation. Julius Sandrock was also caught on Saturday outside Swift’s place. He was wearing a mask and rubber gloves. When his car was searched there was Rx medicines, psychologist paperwork, ammunition and other things that seemed strange.

These men seem to be obsessed with the singer; they seemed to be determined to get close to her.


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