Robert’s Girlfriend and Family Now Getting Threats

Thursday, April 1, 2021, 1:37 PM

Robert Fowler’s girlfriend and family are being threatened, after his actions caused widespread outrage all over the island, he confessed to killing Khanice Jackson, the 20-year-old accountant from Portmore, St. Catherine.

While many persons are calling for the death penalty in this case some persons are going further, threatening his family as they seek to react in a jungle justice manner. His girlfriend was the first person he reportedly confessed to after the news about Khanice’s death was heard on the news.


She is extending condolences to Khanice’s family even though she didn’t know her, as she didn’t know he would do what he did and if she had known she would tell him not to do it. She says he was a caring father to his children, and she was shocked when she heard about what he did.  Many have sought to demonise her for being with him as they try to make her life miserable.

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He has 3 children, two daughters and a son, the daughters are ages 16 and 10, he is normally a quiet man according to his girlfriend of multiple years, he is very kind and even though it is being said that he was a violent man, he was in a common-law relationship for 5 years with her, he was also previously in a 15-year relationship.

Check out the CVM TV interview done by the girlfriend of Fowler below.

Fowler, the 50-year-old mechanic, is now behind bars and he is facing murder charges.

The girlfriend was not pleased with the CVM interview that was put out that suggested that she was protecting Robert, Check out her reaction below.

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