Robot Breaks Child’s Finger At A Chess Tournament

On Monday, July 25, an article was posted by the Jamaica Observer on their official Twitter page stating that a chess-playing robot latched onto the finger of a seven-year-old boy that it was playing against until it broke. The incident took place in Moscow, Russia, during the final week of the Moscow Chess Open tournament.

During an interview, the president of the Moscow Chess Federation, Sergei Lazarev, told TASS (a Russian news agency) that the case of a robot breaking a child’s finger is very serious. The video of the incident has been circulating on various social media platforms showing the robot taking one of the child’s chess pieces and then grabbing onto his finger when he tries to play his turn.

Four spectating adults can be seen rushing to the boy’s aid and trying to remove his finger from the robot’s grasp before leading him away from the game. Lazarev stated that the particular robot was rented by the chess federation and has played in multiple tournaments before without incident. He also declared that the competitor in the video was able to resume participation in the game the following day to end the event with his broken finger in a cast.

After the story was posted on the Observer’s Twitter page, people had a lot to say. One such commenter stated “Hope it was ‘put to sleep'”, referring to how dogs are put down if they injure a child, while another questioned “the robot “attacked and injured” a boy, and what is been done about it?”

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