Rollie Fresh Releases The Official Music Video For “Hunt”

Spanish Town rising Dancehall artiste Rollie Fresh is repping for his latest track “Hunt” which has had its official music video released and based on the elements of the song and its visual representation, it is evident that the deejay is making great progress at this point in his career.

In the chorus of the song, the artiste makes it clear what his aim is, which is to achieve the dream for his team by going after the billions. Fresh further expresses in the main section of the song that once his dreams manifest the number of girls that he and his friends have access to will increase as well as he will then be able to own his mansion. 

The same section of the track also speaks to Fresh not knowing exactly when he will be making his billions but in the song, it is something that made him sing his heart out stating he will find a way.

A significant part of the chorus happens when the artiste highlights that he was not born rich before he got into the main section of the hook which found him singing “Hunt” on repeat, outlining it as the main concept behind the song.

In the second verse of the track, Rollie Fresh hops into an optimistic attitude by telling every real “G” that they must reach the top one of this fateful day with him going on to describe what such an achievement will be like in the form of Yachts, his friends locking down the block and girls getting all freaky with his crew because of their success.

The next thing that the deejay ensures he outlines in the song is that every day he is happy and there is possibly no one that could think to stop his food since he knows that he will not stop from shining due to him being a mastermind at his craft.

The official music video was directed by Lagiks and it features a display quality that is great compared to the work of most upcoming artistes since a certain standard is usually not achieved until they have gotten to a certain level of success.

For Rollie Fresh though, his official music video for “Hunt” is clear and filled with many cars, skilled dancers and beautiful women that is sure to draw a lot of eyes to it.

The visuals also reflect the entertainer’s whole point of becoming rich and independent as the scenes containing the various props were dealt with in a very classy way which also made those involved in it look the part of being rich and happy.

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Watch Rollie Fresh “Hunt” below.

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