Romeich Major Shows Off His Crazy Shoe Collection – Watch Video

Many people have taken to calling local Music Producer and Manager Romeich Major the “Jamaican DJ Khaled” after he took to social media with a video showcasing his massive shoe collection.

Romeich, a shoe lover, shows off closet one of his collection and implies that his love for footwear is so big that it spans three closets worth of shoes.


The video was posted to Instagram with the caption, “People don’t blame me blame @shacqueal.witter she buy them!!! My weakness in life shoes!!! Memba @dingdongravers did tell uno say you must stay clean!!!!”

In the video, the producer stated, “Bwoi, when yuh just love shoes yah man. Memba this a just one closet ennuh. Half a dem yah nuh wear yet ennuh,” while moving the camera over a variety of different brand name and coloured shoes.

Continuing, he mentioned, “The lady cuss say a this mi put the whole a mi money to…most a them yah brand new…mi a start beat dem yah now still, a Summer time.”

Watch the video below:

The comment section of the post was filled with individuals who were making requests for a pair or multiple pairs of shoes out of his impressive collection. Someone stated, “Big man better u gi me a one half dozen a them fi gwaan wear fi you enuh,” and another person wrote, “Me swear this was a shoes Mart enuh 😂😂😂😂😂.”

Romeich’s girlfriend, Shacqueal Witter, who seemed to be replying to the video’s caption said, “Just trying to find someone to blame for your weakness 😂 bye 😂.”

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