Romeich Talks Shenseea Marriage Rumours +Managing Ding Dong and Teejay

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 2:47 PM

In a recent onstage interview, Romeich explains what it takes to manage Dancehall’s Dream Team which consists of Ding Dong, Shenseea and Teejay. Known to be a Producer,  Manager, Marketer, Road Manager, Fashion Designer for his Romeich Wear, Promoter and according to Winford Williams the list goes on and on, Romeich shifted his main focus to music a couple years ago after being very successful in the Fashion and Promotion business locally.

Ding Dong Joined Romeich Entertainment in 2015, Shenseesa Joined in 2016 and Teejay in 2018 said Romeich.


What’s the Formula? Romeich explains that the key to their success is that  “di wul a we is like one big family… from di man weh sweep up the yaad to di man weh fly out every week” he went on to state that everyone has respect for each other.

The Boss to Dancehall’s best New Arrivals. 

Ding Dong Shenseea and Teejay

Romeich explains that he’s the head of everything even though he has a big staff “yeah man me a do everything cah mi like fi work… have a huge team but i still have my brain and hands in basically all the ideas” he went on to state that any time there’s a huge decision to be made, he’s the one who makes it.

“God as blessed me with 3 lovely artistes”, Romeich went on to explain that the three artistes were born 2 days apart. ” Ding Dong born September 29, Shenseea October 1st, Teejay October 3rd” he then made a note that “all three artistes have a different personality but the biggest thing is that they listen… them believe inna weh mi seh.. my 3 talent we me have listen” he explains that they also work very hard and are all talented

Relationship Rumours With Shenseea
Winford next asks Romeich about Shenseea being his wife, Romeich replied stating “no sah… Shenseea single and me single , the two a we single di 2 a wi is like best friends”, “even if we together mi nuh need fi tell nuh body else”.

He was then asked why they(himself and Shenseea) continue to tease people with intimate posts online, Romeich’s reply was “we nah tease nuh body… at the end a di day we free fi do anything weh wi want” he went on to explain that people need to understand that “social media is promotion”.

One fan commented on facebook stating “They’re together. I met him at the airport and he and I was talking and he asked me if I know I was like nope but we was laughing because he said something funny about his friend. She came over and gave me the dirtiest look. I was like hi she gave me the most annoyed look I’m like girl I don’t want this Teletubby”

further on in the interview Romeich explains that “Relationship is always an issue”, “it’s always work work work” hence he doesn’t get much time for relationships plus him and Shenseea are so close that it makes others jealous.

Romeich touch’s on recently expressing his disagreement online, after some venues(car parks) in the Corporate Area were not permitted to keep popular Easter events/parties, the entrepreneur went on to explain that he had a meeting with members of the KSAC and found out that the Promoters were actually the problem when it comes to security and following through on certain rules, Romeich concluded that they made an agreement in the meeting and plans are on the way to fix things.

Romeich’s two main brands are Romeich wear and Romeich entertainment.


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