Rumours Of Queen Nikki Fighting Pretty Pretty, TC And Rebel

A rumour began making the rounds alleging that the PTR crew had a physical altercation with Queen Nikki after the dancehall recording artist went on a rant, angrily informing her fans she fought a female from a group of four girls at Uptown Mondays.

In the Instagram Live stream rant that was caught and shared by Youtuber King MixUp, Nikki stated that there were four girls in a car, but she only fought one female who pushed her to the limit when an individual exited the vehicle and started beating on her window. In Nikki’s description she “Lick out a gyal teeth” and noted that this was only the beginning of the feud.

While reminding her fans that she is naturally “humble”, but will not take disrespect, she began explaining that upon arriving at the event she was about to park when another vehicle wanted to take her parking spot, which started the argument. The four ladies in the other vehicle who claimed they had the spot reserved for them, created an uproar when Nikki refused to give up the parking spot.

The issue escalated to the point where one female exited the vehicle and approached her car arguing.

Nikki said the female hit her window and she warned her to move but the individual did not. Nikki subsequently hit the female with the car and she started fighting the woman.

According to Nikki, the fight ended when the men she was travelling with pulled her from the female, whose friends were only arguing from the sidelines.

 While the viewers tried to find hints in the video of who the group of girls were, Nikki stated that there were 4 females who thought that because their “friend” is doing music they could “angle” and “triangle” her. The viewers, noting the PTR Dolly group recently recruited a fourth member, quickly believed that Pretty Pretty, TC and Rebel were the ones Queen Nikki had the confrontation with.

The rumours were apparently getting out of hand and the PTR crew had to respond, denying all the allegations. Rebel even revealed screenshots of her contacting Queen Nikki to set the record straight to which the singer responded by saying she was only talking “some fuckery” in the Live stream.

Check out Queen Nikki’s IG Live video below.

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