Rushane Patterson Slapped with Assault and Abduction Charges for 2018 Incident

Thursday, November 3, 2022, 8:09 PM GMT-5

Following his arrest on Wednesday in relation to the murder of Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend, Rushane Patterson has been charged with assault and abduction for a separate incident.

After failing to turn himself over to the authorities for questioning on October 22 following their notice that he was considered a person of interest in Townsend’s death, Patterson was apprehended on November 2 by the police at a guesthouse in Hanover.

While Patterson has not yet been charged for Townsend’s murder, according to reports from Nationwide Radio, he has since been charged for an incident involving his ex-girlfriend. In 2018, Patterson allegedly lured his girlfriend to meet him on Boxing Day at a gas station along the Duhaney Park main road. After the woman entered his vehicle, he showed her a photograph of her then-current boyfriend and proceeded to question her about their sex life.

Forcefully abducting her, Patterson drove away with his ex-girlfriend and, at some point during the ordeal, stopped along the road, choking and repeatedly striking the alleged victim. Patterson reportedly ordered his ex-girlfriend to withdraw funds from an ATM and threatened to kill her and then dispose of her body after she refused his demands. The woman managed to persuade the accused that she would not report the incident to the police, and he carried her back to her car, but she would later recount the alleged crime to the authorities.

Prior to the 2018 incident, Patterson was reportedly investigated for rape, murder, and abduction but was later released as the prosecution’s lead witness could not be found.

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