Rygin King Launches Go-Fund-Me to Assist Disabled Jamaicans

Two weeks after going public with his intentions to help as many disabled people as he can in Jamaica, ‘Dancehall Trap King’ Rygin King has returned to show everyone that he’s serious about pushing forward with the endeavour.

In early April, Rygin King announced, “Mi feel like mi need fi do something official weh can raise some money and send some wheelchair gaw Jamaica…urinal and dem ting deh. Pampers food stuff… Mi heart willing but mi flesh weak so mi a beg unuh anyway somebody if unuh see di message out deh and unuh can help me, send me a DM.”


On Saturday, April 13, Regin King returned to Instagram and wrote, “Join me in empowering Jamaica’s disabled community. We’re raising funds to provide essential items like wheelchairs, diapers, bed pads, and wipes.

Rygin King

He continued, “As someone who uses a wheelchair, I understand the importance of mobility… Your support can make a huge difference. Please donate and share! Link in bio. Thank you,” Along with the picture below.

The initiative is being taken on by the Rygin Foundation and has a goal of $10,000 USD. The description of the Gofundme page says, “Hi my name is Matthew a.k.a. Ryginking I’m fundraising for help to the wheelchair community in Jamaica We would like to buy wheelchairs diapers bed pads wipes etc.”

It continues, “I’m also in a wheelchair so I know how important it feels to not have mobility We the people can help to the cause. thanks for your support in advance.”

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