Rygin King Seemingly Threatens His Baby’s Mother in Leaked Voice Note – Listen Audio

Following allegations that he pulled out a gun on one of his children’s mother, Dancehall artiste Matthew Smith, professionally known as Rygin King, has been accused of threatening the woman in a reportedly leaked voice note.

In the short audio clip currently circulating online, alleged voice notes between Rygin King and his reported baby mother reveal a heated conversation between the pair. The deejay declares that the recipient of his message is going to die and makes it clear that he is not playing around.

Notably, Ricky Trooper’s late daughter was brought up in the voice note as warning that the female in question may end up dying the same way at the hands of her ex-lover.

“Wah happen to Troopa daughter happen to yo.. ramp wid mi cah yuh mussi swear..Dead yah go dead mek mi tell yuh dat. Must feel like mi in a nuh chatings wid yuh,” Rygin King states in the audio clip.

According to the woman, while in the care of his father, her son had lost a tooth and acquired bruises on his face, which the artiste is said to have explained were from a fall.

The woman tells the artiste he should have killed her when he pulled out the gun on her. She had previously shunned Rygin King in a live stream, alleging that the Therapy deejay had pulled a gun on her after she confronted him about their son.

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Listen the audio clip below.

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