Rygin King Talks Feeling ‘Betrayed’ and Getting Shot on “Family Day”: ‘Recovery’ Album to Drop Soon

Friday, March 29, 2024, 7:12 PM GMT-5

In a newly released interview, on Friday, March 29, dancehall artiste Matthew Smith who goes by the stage name Rygin King shares insights into his turbulent musical journey, his emotional homecoming to visit his mother in England post-success, and exciting details about his forthcoming album, ‘Recovery,’ set to drop in June 2024.

Rygin King‘s narrative is one of resilience and self-reliance. in the Interview, he revealed how he carved his path in the music industry, teaching himself the intricacies of music production and recording, allowing him to create his art authentically.

His upcoming album ‘Recovery’ promises to be a reflection of his life’s journey, with 14 tracks that are expected to resonate deeply with his audience. While he kept the guest artistes under wraps, he assured fans that the album would feature several prominent names, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.

The Significance of ‘Recovery’

The title ‘Recovery’ holds profound personal significance for Rygin King. It symbolizes his journey of healing and resurgence following a harrowing near-death experience in 2020. During a gun attack in the Struie district of Westmoreland, he was seriously injured, and the incident tragically claimed the life of a female associate.

This event marked a turning point in his life, influencing his music and outlook profoundly.

Rygin King outlines that he doesn’t get up every day and feels positive about himself as he highlights that he had suicidal thoughts after the shooting, however, he uses the fact that he has life to overcome all the bad emotions.

Global Footprints and Unanticipated Challenges

In the interview done by Legend Celebrity Tv Rygin King highlights that his music has transcended borders, with his talent earning him fans from unexpected corners of the world, including Israel, Haiti, Africa, and Japan.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed unforeseen challenges, disrupting his international tours, particularly in Africa. These experiences have not only broadened his worldview but have also showcased the universal appeal of his music.

Betrayal and Healing

The artiste also touched on the sense of betrayal he felt following the shooting incident, contrasting it with the love he receives globally. The shooting, which occurred on a day meant for family celebration, left a lasting scar.

While Rygin King finds it difficult to discuss the incident, he announced plans to release a documentary that will offer a deeper look into the events and his emotional journey afterwards.

Rygin King’s journey from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of success is a narrative that resonates with many, making his upcoming album one of the most anticipated releases in Dancehall of 2024. As he continues to heal, grow, and inspire through his music, the dancehall world watches with bated breath for what is poised to be a remarkable comeback.

Watch the full interview below:

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