Rygin King Talks “felt out of school” Statement, Currently on Canada Tour

Sunday, April 14, 2019, 7:56 PM

Rygin King is currently in Canada and did an interview with Canada’s G-VIEW TV. Rygin states that he did 8 shows so far in Canada and not sure how much shows he will perform at in total before he returns to Jamaica.

The One King did also mention that he was coming off a one month European tour.


Then it was straight into the “felt out of school” statement in which he replied saying “Rygin King don’t even mek that matter him” he went on to explain that he does not make the viral negative videos get him down. The Mobay artiste also stated that he would pay the persons who made the viral videos of him from his recent onstage interview.

Watch The Viral Video in question below!


Fully Dunce Camp
“a wi behaviour… is not like seh we a par with one set a illiterate thugz” King explains that he don’t only flex with dunce people because he has important things to do that real dunce people can’t do for him. he went on to explain that it’s more like a slang similar to tuff!.

Are you in the 6ix camp? he was asked, his answer was “no man 6ix a family enuh” king went on to explain that he has been friends with squash and others before the big break in music and he’s still good with the 6ix team but he’s not in their team.

“right now the people dem a look out fi a hot song from Rygin king” Rygin explains that he won’t put out a lot of songs as he needs time to promote them and he can’t do that now while he’s traveling . He also explains that now that he’s on tour he can’t push songs into people’s face.

One kings tells G-View TV that he’s not into clashing artistes at this moment in his career, he was also asked if any artiste can provoke him to call up their name and his response was “no mi nuh think suh”.

Rygin tells G-View that to stay current in dancehall all he has to do is put in work and play smart.

New music videos shot in Canada are on the way says Rygin King. The videos will be created by him and his fully dunce team.

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Rygin King in closing tells his fans or persons who want to do business with him to follow him or contact him on Instagram, Rygin also jokes about officially getting a verified Instagram blue thick.

Rygin King expresses his want to collab with alot of artistes but not willing to call out any names at the moment.

Earlier fellow Mobay dancehall artiste Shane-E expressed his feelings about Rygin King supporting Tommy Lee when Rygin King knows that him and Lee don’t get along “man gaan feel away about it yes” Shane E says he feels hurt about Rygin King playing Tommy Lee music to Spite him , Shane E also points out that he and no artiste has beef , he’s focusing on his music and vloggers shud stop from trying to separate artistes.

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