Rygin King’s European Tour Cut Due to COVID-19 Fears

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 11:16 AM

Jamaican Dancehall artiste Rygin King’s shows in Italy and France have been cancelled. It appears that all of the reggae festivals for the summer have been cancelled, this pandemic is like yellow fever. “This change the whole world,” Rygin King’s manager Rohan Ramsay said.

The first show was held on March 2 in Zurich, Switzerland, and Rygin King also had sold-out performances in Germany and Amsterdam. His management team decided to cut the European tour short as they are trying to leave the Netherlands and return to the island because of the coronavirus spread.


“One of the best shows was done in Amsterdam, the club was filled, as the Europeans loved the vibes and energy,” Ramsay said.

One King will no longer go to Accra, Ghana, to perform alongside Baby Cham on March 21 also.

They were trying to get a flight to leave The Netherlands on Tuesday and head back to Jamaica. They planned to drive to Brussels in Belgium and take a direct flight into Jamaica,” Ramsay revealed.

Rygin King will be among the many visitors fleeing the contagion that is spreading its tentacles across Europe.

Europe continues to lock down towns and cities and Americans have been scrambling to cut vacations short and re-book flights to the United States this weekend.
Italy tightened its lock down as the death toll from COVID-19 surged pass 2,500. France’s prime minister said the plan is being made to close all clubs, cafes, restaurants, and cinemas.

Spain declared a state of emergency and the officials told people to stay indoors for two weeks, except for buying food, going to work or other emergencies.

When One King returns to Jamaica, he will resume work on his album.
Rygin King has many new singles “Ruption” and “Amazing” and he is known for the singles, ” Legacy”, “Tuff” “How Mi Grow”.

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