Safaree and His Jamaican Connection

April 4, 2019

Safaree seems to be ready to start creating his own Jamaican family, the Hip Hop American star has become so fascinated by Jamaica and Jamaicans that he wants to have his wedding, get his girl pregnant, have children that are born and raised for at least the first 7 years of their lives here and so much more.

His girl Erica was born in New York but she is a Bounty Killa fan just like Safaree and they are both feeling very attached to the island.


Safaree attended the Buju Banton concert where he acted as a host, and he has been here making music with Jahmiel. He expects the song “No Regular Girl” to be a major hit and enjoyed making music with the Jamaican artiste Jahmiel. He shot the video for the song with his girlfriend in it because he is singing about her.

Watch a clip from the music video below!

He said he saw her and was lusting after her and now she is his girl and the song is about her. He is thinking about living on the island because he loves the food, the Red Stripe beer and he is making plans to equip a school in Pond Side with Computers and musical instruments so that going to school can become more fascinating for the children there.


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